Shrimp & Chicken with Mixed Vegetables in a Potato Nest Lemon Grass Chicken Seafood Wontons Beef with Tomatoes Deep Fried Shrimp Singapore Noodles Lemon Chicken Pineapple Chicken Balls Green Onion Cake Pork Dumplings (Pot Stickers) Shanghai Noodles Peach Shrimp Bing's Specialty Fried Noodles (Special on Fried Noodles) Shrimp & Chicken with Mixed Vegetables in a Potato Nest Singapore Noodles Lemon Chicken Ginger Beef Honey Peppered Beef Pineapple Chicken Balls Shanghai Noodles
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Prices and items on site subject to change without notice.
Should there be any discrepancies, availability and prices on physical menu on site will be used.
Call 780.962.3997 to place your order or make reservations!

Please note that:
  •We rely on our customers to disclose any applicable allergy concerns to us. We cannot guarantee against allergies but will do our best to accommodate for them.
  •Certain items are available without MSG (Monosodium glutamate), but some may already contain or have come in contact with MSG
  •We offer gluten-free and vegetarian dishes. Please contact us for further information.
  •Most dine-in items are also available for take-out.

For accurate pricing and/or any further concerns, please contact us at 780.962.3997